Twin Toddlers Talking – The Mysterious World of Toddler’s Talk


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Twin toddlers can do so much already! Quite impressive when you think about it – born only a couple years ago they already know scores of things to do, and talking is on that list for sure!

Twin Toddlers Talking

Ah, That First Word!

My babies’ first word was – MAMA! Hehehe, ok. ok. It might have been something else, but I, like so many mothers out there, just need it to be that!

It made everything else (like the pain from C-section, sore nipples, sleepless nights, etc) easier to cope with. So, sorry dada, baba, bebe, meme etc. or anything else that might have been my babies’ first utterance – let us settle this once and forever: It was MAMA!

I was so overjoyed when I first heard it. And then, after that, there were no words for weeks! No idea why they just stopped saying anything. It really worried me for a moment, but very soon they started talking some more. Every sound, every word just as exciting as the first!

What was your babies’/twins’ first word? Please, do write in the comment section below, I’d love to read it. Thanks!


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Twin Toddlers Talking – Are They Talking Yet?

Twin Toddlers Talking

Twins are often slightly delayed in their speech for a number of reasons. Some studies show that it is a purely genetical thing, i.e. nature winning over nurture.

On the other hand, many experts in this field argue that it is the very way in which the twins are raised that influences twins language development.

Experts, also advise that we should try to:

  • Keep the background noise (TV, music, computers, etc) to a minimum so it is easier for the children to hear and respond to the sounds around them
  • Spend some individual time with just one child talking (eye contact is very important) or reading a book together
  • React in a positive manner when they try to spear or express themselves with words and sounds
  • It is always a good idea to repeat the words back at them and gently correct any mispronunciation



Seemingly Same, Yet So Different

Twin Toddlers Talking

Often people presume, just because the children are twins they should look, behave and develop in the same way and at the same time. I used to be one of those people!

Of course, now that I have my own twins I know how far from the truth that is. Naturally, this is all a little bit different for the identical twins but even they often develop at their own, individual pace.

My twins are super-different from each other. They are a girl and a boy for starters. My little boy isTwin Toddlers Talking bigger in size and so far, more advanced in talking and communication skills in general. My little girl, on the other hand, is quite petite and has fewer words than her brother. However, she seems to be very engaged with everything that is going on around her and is exceptionally imaginative and independent.

There was a moment about a year ago when I did worry. But now, it is obvious she is taking her time and is slowly but surely reaching her developmental milestones. I could not be more pleased for her.

My premature born, low birth weight, NICU (only for five days) baby girl, is now talking, running about, making up her own games and generally, together with her adorable brother, being the light of our lives!


To Be  Or Not To Be


Twin Toddlers Talking

Well, in my book – To Be. Definitely To Be!

And anyway, you might not even have a choice. If you and your partner or your parents speak a different language than the language that is spoken in the country you are raising your children, what are you supposed to do? Of, course, teach them both, or as many other languages as they would learn.

The old school of looking at raising bilingual twins, argues that the children are allegedly confused by the two languages if the second language is introduced before the children are three. And, you’d be surprised how many, just how many people, even professionals are still sticking to this theory. These people need their knowledge base reboot. And fast! Please.

The Latest Research 

Thankfully, we have had some great research in this field and it has been proven that it is good for the kids (and I’m sure, us, parents too) to have a couple of foreign languages under our belt. Persistency pays in this case even if it is not always the most convenient thing. But, when your toddlers comprehend everything you say to them in two languages, you’ll feel so very proud and happy! Clever little munchkins!

Please, do write in the comment section below, if you have any useful tips or methods that you have used with your twins in raising them bilingual? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!



Twin Toddlers Talking

So, if your twins are at the different speech/comprehension stages, please do not fret. They do level up quite quickly! Also, situations change very fast: my little girl has just now, after a whole year of my teaching her to say ‘milk’ instead of ‘mimi’ started to, in fact, say ‘milk’. But today, she has repeated it, just in one go, I promise you, about a hundred times!

I found myself, through laughter, telling her to please, stop repeating the same word over and over again, but she was having just too much fun and went on and on and on…hehehhe See?

Enjoy the quiet moments and of course, delight in the fun conversations soon to be had with the little ones. There is very little, that is quite as sweet as twin toddlers talking!

Thank you for reading this post!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write about, please do leave a comment in the comment section and I’d be more than happy to oblige!

Happy parenting!





4 thoughts on “Twin Toddlers Talking – The Mysterious World of Toddler’s Talk

  1. Twins are a really lovely concept. I’ve have interactions with both identical twins and fraternal twins, and they are so amazingly similar yet different. One thing that is undisputed, though, is the bond that they share with each other.

    You mentioned about the delay in speech. I will like to bring up another possible idea about this point. Twins share a very strong bond with each other, sometimes to the point of telepathy. A pair of twins that I had met before can write the exact same answer to an open-ended question without communicating with each other! Perhaps it is this bond with each other that leads to a delay in the development – because as compared to normal babies, they do not really need that verbalized communication that early.

    Just my two cents worth!

    1. Dear Rachel

      Thank you for your comment and your insightful angle on the speech delay! I haven’t thought about it that way, but you might well be right about that. Only this morning, I observed my twins: and yes, they don’t seem to talk much to each other, yet, each knows exactly what the other wants. Also, they must have shared a silent joke – started laughing at the same time but no words passed! Thank you for making me aware of this, I shall pay a closer attention now to this side of their relationship. 

      Wishing you a lovely Sunday,


  2. I am amazed to know so many new things about twins. Until you are a parent of twins you don’t know there are so many different and special things about them. I totally agree with you if you and your partner speak different language it’s always good to teach both languages to your children.
    Thank you for sharing your experience it will be helpful for a lot of parents.

    1. Dear Bini

      Thank you so much for your kind words! Very glad you find the post informative and even more glad you agree on raising the children bilingual.
      Best, Alenka

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