Twin Pregnancy

Pregnant With Twin Babies – Happy Times Ahead


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However prepared we think we are for the news about the pregnancy, nothing, and I mean, nothing can prepare you for when you find out:

  1.  You are pregnant in the first place &Pregnant With Twin Babies
  2.  You are pregnant with twin babies!


Yeeeeey! There is no news that delights the heart more. None.

And then, paaaaanic! What, where, when, how???

The question upon question racing through your head!

Here are some tips that might help in finding out what is it like to be pregnant with twins 🙂




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Alenka 🙂


Pregnant With Twin Babies – Visiting/Calling Your Doctor


One of the things different between the singleton and the twin pregnancy is that you simply have to go to see your doctor, more. It’s a pain, but it’s for the best!

Pregnancy with multiples has more risks associated with it so that you will be monitored on a more frequent basis. And, that’s ok. The last thing you want is to be left to your own devices, guessing if this pain or that bleeding is ok, or you are just overreacting. While I’m here mentioning the dreaded word, let me reassure you – there is no such thing as overreacting in pregnancy and most certainly not if you are carrying more than one baby!



At the smallest sign of anything you feel is not right, call your doctor or midwife!

That is what they are there for. They will also, be glad you are in touch and communicating any issues that might be remedied while they are just starting.Pregnant With Twin Babies

During my pregnancy, I was bleeding twice. The first time, I was really in a panic, got to the hospital in record time and was very glad I did! The second time, however, I kinda felt like I was making too much fuss over nothing (because everything was ok the last time) and I delayed calling my doctor. Well, that situation escalated into a major emergency, and for a moment I thought everything was over for my babies and me. Luckily, the good doctors were able to help us, and I was home after a week in the hospital. Had I informed my doctor on time I would have had a much easier and less complicated time then.

Lesson learned. Lesson shared!




Taking It Easy 



Pregnant With Twin Babies


I know, I know. Easier said than done.

Still, I suggest you assume the mama-bear attitude right from the start of your pregnancy.

Do not be impressed by any stories of brave and amazing women who jog 100miles a day or fly of to planet Mars while pregnant. Honestly, who cares!

This is your pregnancy, your babies, your body – your terms!




Eating Well


I realize, this is an obvious one, but let me just gently remind you – eat a plenty, eat well, avoid raw meats and seafood, cold meats and just use your general common sense in everything food and drink.

As far as the caffeine and alcohol are concerned, there is soooo much conflicting advice out there. I think it is best you consult a doctor you trust and see what their take is on the subject. I, for example, didn’t drink coffee or take alcohol during my pregnancy, but that was also to do with my personal preference as much as anything else.

Pregnant With Twin Babies

Folic Acid and the prenatal vitamins are super-important. Again, please ask your doctor to advise on the correct amount for a twin pregnancy.






Morning Sickness? No Such Thing!


Also, I suffered so severely with the morning sickness.

To be more precise, all day sickness – for about five weeks.

During that time I did worry, my babies are going to lack the nutrition for the lack of my eating. But, apparently, your body supplies everything the baby needs during this time anyway, so that was good to know.

Nothing would help alleviate my all day sickness torture, but one thing and I’m not even sure I should mention it here (but, since it did help me I feel I should).

It was recommended to me by my obstetrician when I called one day, late in the evening, saying I just couldn’t take any more of feeling sick. He suggested I drink (500ml per day max.) of….wait for it…. Coca-Cola!!! I almost fell off my chair!

What!?! I don’t drink that stuff even when I’m not pregnant and sure as hell I will not start now when I AM pregnant. But, after a couple of more day of feeling super-sick, I did try some Coca-Cola, and I kid you not, within half an hour I felt a bit better…

In any case, the sickness did not disappear altogether but it was much, much more bearable and I was also able to eat small portions of plain food like rice or pasta. So there. I am not advising this, but if your doctor agrees with it first, do try it. It might help.





Ask For Help, Ask For Help, Ask For Help…


Yeap, I really feel this is important! If you are in the position to ask for help, please do. It will make your life so much easier, which is good not just for you, but for the babies too!


Pregnant With Twin BabiesIt will free up your time to look after yourself. Maybe take up some gentle exercise (again, please consult your doctor first), and to prepare for the important stuff like your hospital appointments, hospital bag, some things (or all the things) for the babies’ nursery and the list goes on…


Towards the middle of the pregnancy, maybe it is the time to look into who is going to help you after the three of you come home. Some agencies even have waiting lists, so it could be an idea to see what and who is available.


Planning a Natural Birth – Great!

Having a C-section – Great Too!


Multiple pregnancies are not that easily predictable, so I feel it is good to prepare for both possibilities mentally. The aim is to get the babies delivered in the safest way possible for you and the twins. You and your doctor are going to discuss this at length, and have a plan of action for the big day.

However, things don’t always have to go as planned – as I found out on the day I was scheduled to have my C-section. Because of my age and some other factors, my doctor strongly advised I go for C-section.

On the morning of my babies’ delivery, I was ready to be wheeled into the OR, but nobody was coming to get me. A nurse informed me that my doctor did not show up that morning and is not answering his calls!



By this time in my pregnancy (35wks & 5days) I felt so heavy. Couldn’t sleep, couldn’t breathe properly, couldn’t walk (just shuffle), basically was SO ready to have the babies out, I almost suggested I perform the procedure myself – I was so desperate!

And the mysterious disappearance of my doctor was resolved within the next hour – the poor man had fallen down some steps as he was coming to the hospital, broke his leg badly, and was himself being operated on during those precise moments!

I was alarmed they would have to reschedule everything and asked through tears if they could contact another doctor I trusted and would he perform the C-section instead? Luckily, he was in the hospital that morning and did accept to deliver my babies. So, off we went into the OR, and half an hour later, the loves of my life were born. So, do prepare yourself in case your birth plan has to change for some reason.

Your and your babies safety come first!



Often, during the pregnancy, you will, like I did, feel that some things are out of your control.

And, yes, they are, so it is best to make peace with that part. On the other hand, there is quite a bit one can do to ensure things go the way you wish. Do that part to the best of your ability and possibilities and the rest will fall into place.

Ask as many questions as you need to about any details that might be confusing you or making you anxious.

There are no silly questions, remember that! (Ok, maybe the one I asked my doctor after my C-section:”Doctor, have you maybe forgotten to take out one of the babies? My tummy looks so huge, still!”

Can you believe it, with all the research I did on pregnancy and talked to so many of my friends about giving birth – nowhere and nobody has mentioned that your tummy stays quite big postpartum!?! I had no idea and felt so silly as he answered my question patiently… In the end, however, we did have a good laugh about it! 🙂

Enjoy your pregnancy – a lot of it is great, and the best is yet to come!


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Thank you for reading this post!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write about, please do leave a comment in the comment section and I’d be more than happy to oblige!

Happy parenting!






10 thoughts on “Pregnant With Twin Babies – Happy Times Ahead

  1. Hello Alenka!
    How nice of you, to share this experience with us. On my first ultrasound, my husband said to the doctor, she has to find at least two in there. ? Well, she found one and our princess was 2 this week. ❤ Anyway, at the end of the pregnancy, it was exhausting, so I can imagine how it was with twins. In my defense, my daughter weighs almost 4 and a half kg when she was born. ?

    1. Hello! Wooow! 4 and a half kg!!! That is something! Happy birthday to your princess; turning two is so sweet 🙂 Is she talking yet? My twins’ favourite phrase at the moment is: “NO, Mummy!”. They are so funny, discovering their independence at this age!
      Good luck with your website, I really like it! Very beautiful to look at with lots of good stuff to read!

      1. Yeah she is talking more and more each day…and “no” is her favourite too. ? Even if she means yes, she usually says no. ?
        Good luck with your site too!

  2. I would really like to be pregnant with twins after riding this post. My grandma is a twin so i think I will have that opportunity mean while I am reading your site. It’s amazing.

    1. Dear Vladanka
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I am sending you my good wishes and prayers you do have twins, it really is a double blessing!

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW, this is such an amazing and beautiful post about expecting twins. Being a mum of two kids who are 3 years apart, I find motherhood really a blessing at the same time a tough responsibility, SO, becoming a mum of twins must be more challenging. Thank you so very much for this amazing and cute post.

    1. Dear Sarah
      Thank you so much for reading this post and for your lovely comment! Hope you and your little ones are having a lovely day.

  4. Hello Alenka.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Pregnancy can be difficult at times especially with multiple births. My friend is pregnant with her first baby not twins though. We are very happy and pray everything goes fine with her. Your post is very helpful for me I will share this with her.
    Thanks for sharing your experience I am sure it will help a lot of parents out there.

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