Parenting Twin Toddlers – Easier Than It Seems


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Parenting Twin Toddlers


Parenting Twin Toddlers


How Will I Know What To Do?


Parenting Twin Toddlers

It can seem like it is a steep learning curve, however, in parenting toddler twins, one learns so many wonderful things along the way. All the hard times (if you hit any) pay off, at the end of the day, with just one smile or a sweet word!

There are days when I feel I get more and more tired from the lack of sleep and the number of things that need to be done. Still, almost every hour brings something new and that makes everything easier and more fun.

I was told this before my children were toddlers but I just couldn’t picture it. Well, now I can. In all its HD, surround sound system, always ON, glory! And, it is wonderful!


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Oh Great Then, Nothing to Worry About, I Hear You Say

Parenting Twin Toddlers

Honestly, it can be trying at times, but, put your best patience hat on and immerse yourself their constant new achievements, new words, the cutest pronunciations, thinking toddler’s ways to show their displeasure (oh boy, do they develop these quickly!), gentlest moments that are shared with you and just melt your heart.

I find myself with tears of joy welling up in my eyes at least couple of times every day. Just now, my little girl, as she was slumbering off, jolted up and run to her brother to give him a good night kiss and a hug. Super sweet!


How to split yourself in two?


Parenting Twin Toddlers

I am going, now, to point out the blatantly obvious – er, you can’t. One of the more challenging things about parenting my twins is that I often find myself feeling guilty for not being able to spend the equal amounts of time with both children.

The best way, I found, to deal with it, is just to accept it, make a mental note if you really did spend much more time with one child on any given day and try to make it up the next. However, sometimes that might not be possible, especially if one child (or both..omg..more on that topic in another post) is poorly and demands your undivided attention.

Go with the flow. The twins do so many things together anyway so you’ll have the opportunity to spend lots of equal quality time with them.  


Favorite Activities

Parenting Twin Toddlers

Our two favorite activities at the moment are: singing Old McDonald had a Farm (this has actually reached a mild obsession stage and it has been going on for almost a year now…help!).

We have a choreography that has evolved from just listening and singing, to what it is at the moment – costumes (plastic bowls as hats, handbags, and scarfs – no idea how we came to this selection, but there it is). Obligatory bowing before the ‘performance’, counting ourselves in as follows: one, two, three and four. 

Then proceeding into a freestyle dance that would shame the most avant-garde dance company anywhere in the world!

Each of the  Animal sounds is accompanied by dancing while holding up the soft toy of the same species. Needless to say, I had to invent the sounds for a giraffe, hedgehog, raccoon…and the lists goes on.

Join In!

If any of you happen to have suggestions on the just mentioned unknown animal sounds, please share in comments! Thank you! (I might even do a video trying them out!)

The second most favorite activity is hide-and-seek which is actually just me chasing them around our living room and hiding in the kitchen. They come to find me and act surprised when I jump out from behind the kitchen chairs. See, all very simple really.

These are mostly indoors activities but we did venture out yesterday (today was -17C, so no way we were leaving out lovely warm flat) and made a snowman. They absolutely loved it and so did I!



Parenting Twin Toddlers

Ah, as far as the dreaded tantrums go, I can happily report that we haven’t had too many of those but, I better say a few prayers after writing this so it continues to be this way!

Prevention might be the key to avoiding total meltdowns. For example, I do my grocery shopping mostly when I am with the children (no other choice, anyway), so I give them a treat (I know, I know) BEFORE we get into the supermarket. That way, they are already distracted and happy they got something ‘special’.

Now, this is the scenario while they are still in the stroller. What is going to happen in a few months when we just walk into the supermarket, nobody knows…hehhe I’ll keep you posted!

Also, get your shopping bags at ready, sort out the groceries in the order you would want them to be packed so there is no time-wasting at the checkout. Your cash, credit card, loyalty card or coupons at ready to be surrendered as soon as it is time. My thinking behind this is, the shorter time we are in there the less opportunity is there for a disaster.


My Children Never Misbehave…

Ahem…however, having said all this, the said disaster did strike last week while we were shoe shopping. BIG mistake taking them both with me. I tried to set them both down in order to try the shoes on, then let them walk around to see if they fit correctly. All the while they alternately screamed for attention or a new toy!

It was really, really stressful. So, lesson learned – NEVER ever go shoe shopping on your own with both children in tow! (if you can help it)

Still, when it all blew over and they proudly walked around in their new, cute shoes, it was all fine. Just fine.


All Fine In The End – In Fact, Much More Than Fine



It really is. Parenting twin toddlers is truly something different from any other form of parenting and it does need special skills. Lucky for us that those special skills are mostly inbuilt in our instincts and common sense… (and blogs like this one! 🙂 )

Often times all we need is a bit of encouragement and confidence to just continue doing what we are doing anyway! Wishing you a fabulous day with your twins!


Thank you for reading this post!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write about, please do leave a comment in the comment section and I’d be more than happy to oblige!

Happy parenting!


2 thoughts on “Parenting Twin Toddlers – Easier Than It Seems

  1. A most enjoyable read, Aneka.

    Most of what you say reminds me of when my daughter’s twins were very young. She managed well in the role a young mother, of course with help from her husband in the evenings and weekends.

    The thing that was not easy was shopping, as in weekly grocery shopping. Two tiny babies is not just twice the work, it’s much greater. Fortunately, as grandparents, we were able to help when and where needed. But, not every young mother has parental help available.

    Congratulations on your lovely young family.

    Best wishes.

    1. Dear Valerie
      Thank you for commenting and how amazing you have twins granddaughters! How old are they now? So pleased for your daughter, she had help and that is so important. My situation, sadly is quite different, so it’s my twins and myself on our own most of the time. Challenging, but one smile on their little faces makes it all worth it.
      Wishing you and your daughter’s family all the best!

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