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How to Write Your First Blog Post!

In this post, I’d like to show you how to write your first blog post of at least a 1000 words. Sounds like loads of words… I know! I felt exactly the same.

And now, only a short time after starting writing my blog, I regularly write the long posts and have gone over a thousand words every single time! 🙂

Just like with anything in life, everything needs practice, but more importantly, it needs that first step.

Honestly, if you don’t make that first leap of faith, you sure as anything won’t make the second… and the third…and get to your desired destination – in this case, a successful blog!

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Thank you for your support! 🙂

How to write your first blog post

Here we go!

How To Write Your First Blog Post!


So, how can we make these 1000 words look less scary?

To start off, we’ll divide the post content into five different paragraphs.

That is now, only 5 x 200 words!

Looks better, doesn’t it?!? 🙂

Your blog post outline list:


This division will help you write shorter paragraphs and avoid feeling overwhelmed at the sight of a blank page!


In this part, you have the opportunity to introduce your subject and what it is that you’d like to talk about. Your readers like to have a general sense of the post and what will they learn from it.

It is good SEO practice to use the keyword in the introduction. If you are not familiar with using/finding keywords, no worries, I will write a separate post about keywords shortly. Please sign up to my subscribers’ list so I can keep you posted. Thanks!

Paragraph 1

Depending on what your post is about, this might be where you start to go into more detail:

What is the product/service/situation you’d like to talk about, recommend or review?

Why do you think the service you are suggesting or the product you are reviewing could be useful to your readers and in what way?

Paragraph 2

In this paragraph, you can elaborate further on the details of the subject you are writing about.

This is a good place to share your personal experience with the same or similar situation/product/service.


How to write you first blog post

Paragraph 3

Here you can write about the actual solutions to the problem you are trying to solve for your readers. You can offer them as a list, or bullet points and talk about each in a few sentences.

Two hundred words will fill up very quickly and I bet you’ll write even more than that!

Conclusion and Call to Action

Summarize what you have written about so far.

Also, you might want to put a Call to Action in a shape of an invitation to your readers to leave you a comment. Or if you are doing any sales (affiliate or your own product) you might choose to invite your readers to click on the provided affiliate/sales link.

This is another good place to cite your keyword.

How to write your first blog post

Bad News 🙁

Your Blog is Not About Who You Thought It Was About!

I know! How dare they?! It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to…(heheheh yes, yes, I did burst into a song just there!). 🙂

When I first started writing my posts, I had no idea it had to be about the readers and solving their problems! This was not the most welcome discovery since me, myself and I are the three of my favorite subjects! 🙂 Now, I know and I’m sharing it with you, so you don’t make the same mistake – write quite a few blog posts that you’ll just have to, in the end, remove from your site!

If you’d like the right kind of traffic on your blog, if you’d like your readers to engage and even buy something from you, your blog should be about the solutions your audience is looking for. However, this is not to say that your personal story is not important. Of course, it is! A healthy balance between your story, experiences, and solutions for the reader will make a great post!

How to write your first blog post

And there you have it!

Your first 1000 words written out!


Once, you have written your first blog, you will have the proof you can do it. 🙂

Now, there is no going back to the land of ‘I can’t write’!

You have written one, you can write a hundred! Make it your own, mistakes and all, there will be plenty of time for corrections. The most important thing is, you actually have something to correct. It really does not need to be perfect the first time around.

How to write you first blog post

Striving for perfection,

I find, is often the one thing that stops us in our steps and prevents us from even trying. Perfection is great, but I think it is an acquired skill rather than an instant achievement. And, everyone’s perception of perfection varies so vastly, I really wouldn’t bother worrying about it too much!

Would just like to add, writing straight to your computer, needless to say, definitely saves time. However, if you find writing the old-fashioned way, in the notebook first (like I did this article) and then typing it out, easier, that is fine too.

Do whatever you need to do to get those first 1000 words of content on your site.

How to write your first blog post

Content is important, it will get you started with your blog!

Content will make your blog what it needs to be and it will get you where you need to be! (in my case, next winter, some exotic, sunny place preferably…)

Everything else comes after that!

How to write your first blog post

Make Your Post Beautiful!

Every two-three hundred words, insert a nice image that is in connection with your post’s subject matter. Wealthy Affiliates offers a library of thousands of different images on their site. There are, also, websites offering free or royalty free selections of photographs.

 How to write you first blog post


Make sure your paragraphs are not longer than 300 words.

Sentences should stay at around 20 words. Some, of course, will just have to be longer, but if you can, keep your sentences short.

Highlight any words or phrases you’d like to emphasize. Also, it is much easier to read the text if we have something to tease our eyes forward.

If you haven’t already, please install Grammarly in your website browser. Even the free version does masses of great work for you. Install it and thank me later. Hehehe, yeap, I LOVE Grammarly!

How to write your first blog post

Search Engine Optimization

The basics of SEO is not that difficult and will serve you just fine to start with. As your blogging knowledge grows, so will your SEO expertise. It will help you in gaining a portion of your blog visitors through the organic search.

Here is a list of what you should be able to do even with your first blog post:

  • In order to find my keyword/title for the post, I use Jaaxy – Keyword Research & Management.
    It provides the tools to find the right keyword. I have Jaaxy included in my Wealthy Affiliate subscription (really AMAZING value). However, if you are not on WA platform but would still like to use Jaaxy, check out this post for more details on what it offers and how it all works!
  • If you are on the Wealthy Affiliates platform, you’ll have the All in One SEO included with your WP site. Sooo fab!
  • Your main keyword goes in:
  • the title
  • first paragraph
  • conclusion
  • Put the keyword in the title and the alt descriptions of your post images.

How to write your first blog post


I hope you’ve found this guide helpful and useful in learning how to write your first blog post. Once you are at your computer, just write, write, write and don’t worry about how it all reads just then. Go back and revise later.

Done Is Better Than Perfect is the new day’s mantra!

I suggest you have your phone on silent and that all the other distractions are kept to a minimum. It will help you get into the flow of writing easier. Guess, much like running or swimming, it is a bit difficult at first, but after a while, it becomes enjoyable!

Happy writing! Happy blogging!

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Thank you for reading this post!

Let me know in the comments below how you get on with your first blog post! I would love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “How to Write Your First Blog Post!

  1. Me and my brother just started out first blogs ever. We had one introduction post and then had no idea what to write after that. Thanks to your article I have the gist of what to write and what my audience expects of me. Going to share this with him now 🙂 You’ve done a wonderful job with this guide and I’ll be back for more!

    1. Dear Brandon
      Thank you for your lovely comment! I am so happy this post might help you out in writing the content for your blog. It is a nice little formula and one can add to it as the time goes on. However, to start with, this is plenty. It gives the structure to the article and I don’t feel as stuck at the beginning of the writing process as I used to.
      Very best of luck to you and your brother with your blogs!

  2. Thank you for this amazing post!! You make it look super easy peasy!! (then again you are my hero already birthing twins!!) I appreciate your suggested use of images, that is so necessary in the flow of the page/content, I see in your post how it really makes the flow more flow-y!! You are a lot of fun and very inspiring!! I look forward to more of your fine work!

    1. Dear Kathleen
      Thank you so much for your kind comment! I am so pleased you found the post useful. Yes, images make so much difference! I absolutely love tho it is so easy to get hold of them at the Wealthy Affiliates platform and incorporate them into one’s post. Makes life much less complicated when you don’t have to look through the internet, download, upload, etc. Like we don’t have enough to do starting our affiliate marketing blog as it is!

      As far as birthing twins is concerned – well, the good thing is, one quickly forgets all the stuff that needs forgetting heheheh and then you have your lovely babies and everything is just fine 🙂 🙂

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

  3. Hi Alenka! Thank you for sharing this post, you gave me some very nice ideas on how to structure the posts on my blogs! I found very interesting the search engine and optimization part with the use of keywords! Great stuff!

    1. Dear Peppino
      I am delighted you have found the post useful and got some good information from it. Yes, structuring your posts to start with makes the job so much easier and less daunting.
      Best of luck with your blog!

  4. I like your post Alenka!
    Blogs have become very popular, and they are even becoming more popular then website. A blog is a great way for a person to get their ideas, opinion or even business online without a lot of different hassles.
    I hope this article will encourage many people to write their first blog post!

    1. Dear Mario
      Thanks for your nice comment and glad you hope, just like me, that the post will encourage those who are on the fence to just go for it! It was a steep learning curve for me, still is, but it gets better and easier every day. Here is to getting things done! 🙂

  5. What an awesome post! I so agree that we don’t have to be perfect when we write. That is especially true for the first draft. I just write any ‘nonsense’ I can think of and then edit it later. Trying to be perfect in my writing and worrying about the SEO, images and what have you in the early stage just gives me a headache. Lol. So yes, published beats perfect anytime!

    1. Dear Yvonne
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I find writing posts definitely challenging, but have an amazing feeling of accomplishment when I publish one. That feeling gives me the inspiration to go and write another. Being a musician, music is what comes naturally to me rather than a written word, however, it is definitely possible to do it. I found this ‘formula’ of 5x200words so very helpful. I sit at my computer several times per day and say to myself to write only 200 words. That seems achievable and I do it every time. Before that, I dreaded writing because I just couldn’t get my head around thousands of words waiting to be written and as a result, I’d write precisely no words. Not one! Smaller goals get us further faster is what I think and sticking to it for now 🙂

  6. great post. When i started.. it took a month to get the first post just right… it comes easier now.. but it’s still a struggle with how much to share and how much i’m comfortable sharing…..
    when i started, i had to google to find posts just like this 🙂
    well done.

    1. Hello
      Thanks for your comment! Yes, it does take time to get it just right…if ever 🙂 This is precisely why I wrote this post. I would have appreciated this info all in one place.

  7. Great content!

    Since I just started my blog, I like to find as many help as possible to upgrade my writing skills. Your tips are a great value. Bookmarked in Favorites!

    Thank You.

    1. Dear Ivan
      Thanks so much for your comment and ss pleased you found it useful. Wishing you best of luck with your blog posts writing and if you need any help, please reach out!

  8. Hello Alenka!

    I really liked your post. I think this will be a great way for people to learn how to write a great blog if they don’t have the experience. Personally I enjoy writing so writing 1000+ words does come naturally to me. However for those who are not as fortunate this is a good reference point to get started. Great job!

    1. Dear Mikey
      Thank you for your comment and glad you think the post will be useful to those who are just starting out. Ah, lucky you that you enjoy writing long posts! It is a gift for sure. I am working on mine, slowly but surely hehehe

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