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How to Start a Blog for Free – Wealthy Affiliates Review


In this post, I’d like to show you how to start a blog for free! Also to examine opportunities for work from home and possibilities to achieve the work-life balance we all wish for. 

Our full-time jobs leave us very little time with our families. Very little time indeed. We trade all our best hours for some money and not ever a life-changing amount at that. Yes, it pays the bills and other necessities but, do we really want to invest our whole working lives only to pay for the basics?



A lovely house, a nice car and a pleasant holiday count as basics in my book. We live only once (for want of a better cliche!), and I see a great urgency and need to examine how we work in the 21st century. Is the ‘old’ model from 9-5 the best way to go about one’s working life? 

When I had my twins, I was lucky enough to have been able to stay with them at home. But, my heart went out to all the mothers who had to leave their babies, sometimes even as young as six weeks(!) to go to work. I could hardly leave my babies to go to have a shower let alone to leave them with someone else throughout the whole week! 

So, to all the mothers out there, and all the others who are looking to significantly improve your lives – this post is for you!

How to start a blog for free


Why Start an Online Bussines?


This post contains affiliate links. If you make any purchase once you click on the affiliate link on this page, I receive a small commission that helps me run this site. 

Thank you for your support! 🙂


Eight months ago, I wasn’t so lucky – due to some very unfortunate events and circumstances, from one day to the next, I had found myself homeless, jobless and a single mother to two toddlers. Not the most enviable of positions to say the least.

I have a degree and a postgraduate diploma, and before I had my children I even had a career! But, because my line of work involves a lot of traveling, that was now not possible, and I had to rely on help from my family. (In many ways I still do, but I’m definitely on my way to change that. Change it and then some!)

Wished to continue to be SAHM and was looking to find work that I could do from my computer. Soon I found out about many different ways one can earn money online. The one that struck me as the most appealing was affiliate marketing. 


What is Affiliate Marketing and Why Affiliate Marketing? 


How to start a blog for free


Affiliate marketing, is when you use, review and recommend a physical or a digital product or a service and earn commision when someone buys that same product or service through your site. 

Affiliate marketing is a good way of working from home and for oneself because: 

  • You don’t need a big capital to invest 
  • No need to have the inventory
  • No need to hire a store
  • No need to pay for shipping expenses 
  • No need to hire extra staff
  • You can actually start it for FREE! (all you need is a computer and an internet connection)


How to start a blog for free


Now to be fair, you do need to learn a few things before you start earning money in affiliate marketing, but isn’t that true of any business you might start? Even if you start a new job that is in the line of work you’ve been doing so far, still there will be scores of things to learn! 

That is what I thought when making a decision to go for learning about affiliate marketing – I wanted to educate myself in something that would benefit my children and my family. 

Didn’t want to go and master another skill only to continue making someone else rich!! I’ve done my fair share of that. No more. Thank. You. Very. Much.

This previous thought is the one I suggest you (we all) need to think about long and hard. Spending one’s working life making sure someone else lives the life, we ourselves would like to have, just makes no sense. No sense at all.



Wealthy Affiliates Welcome!

How to Start a Blog for Free


There are so many courses on affiliate marketing and how to start your own blog out there. They all claim to be the best. I know they do, I’ve tried a few and regretted spending the money I had to borrow to pay for them. I don’t recommend you do this. Learn from my mistakes! Please. 

In fact, I was about to give up altogether, because these courses were giving only the partial information and I had to keep purchasing yet another module. It didn’t seem like I was getting anywhere with my actual business and thought maybe this wasn’t for me. 

Well, it was for me, and it is for me, same as it is for you!


How to start a blog for free


What I found that day, was a course that first of all, offered a FREE membership – no need to even give your credit card details. 

With that came the offer to test drive their course, build two websites, go through the first ten lessons and then decide what to do next!! How brilliant! 

After the registration for the free membership and by the way, you can stay on a free membership forever(!), I witnessed my results (read: my new website built in a couple of days!) and concluded – the Wealthy Affiliates platform was not only too good to be true but it was better! 

Let me say this again, and shout it out from the rooftops: IT WAS BETTER!


How to start a blog for free


Honestly, I love it so much, from now on I shall be buying the Affiliate Membership to my friends as a Christmas present!

Everyone who has interest in improving their lives and striving for either some side income or securing their family’s financial freedom should learn: 

  • how to build and design own website
  • how to write good content
  • how to do email marketing 
  • social media marketing
  • how to use Pinterest and design pins, banners 
  • how to read analytics 
  • how to find products to recommend 
  • how to register for affiliate programs
  • how to do every single thing that is to do with your affiliate marketing business! 


What’s on Offer at Wealthy Affiliates?


(Video by: Loes@Wealthy Affiliates)

Here is what is on offer when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership (no credit card needed). By the way, try it, even if you are not sure, you have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose!

  • Two free websites!
  • Instructions how to set up your websites to be fully functional for your new online business
  • High speed, up to date Hosting
  • Full support from the superbly successful affiliate marketers whenever you need help
  • Ten amazing lessons and video lessons on how to start your affiliate marketing
  • Access to the invaluable keyword search tool Jaaxy – 30 FREE searches that will set you up well on your way to writing your content (If you’d like some tips on How to Write Your First Blog Post, please click here to read my post on this. Hope you find it informative and helpful!)


My Starter Membership is over, What Now?


How to start a blog


After the Started Membership is up, you have lifetime access to your websites and the WA platform. However, you will not have access to further training or the community of professionals. 

If you decide to go premium, and I can not recommend it enough you do, you can use my special discount and join the first month for only $19! 

Yes, you can purchase something absolutely life-changing for $19! 

Even if you are still thinking if you should go premium, my advice would be to join at least for the first month and keep test driving the Wealthy Affiliates platform and see what more they have to offer. You have nothing to lose. You can still:

  • Keep your websites
  • Even transfer them to another hosting site if you wish (but I guarantee you will not want to do that 🙂 )
  • Keep your free membership
  • Continue working on your websites and your online business


I’m Going Premium and Staying Premium!


How to start a blog for free


Now, if you do decide (and I predict you will 🙂 ) to go Premium and stay Premium, the monthly fee for this fantastic platform is only $49. 

You can cancel at any time and still keep your lifetime free membership. 

For $49 per month you get (hope you are ready for this!)

  • 50 (yes, fifty) websites
  • High speed, up to date, reliable hosting with 24hrs service and customer support
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Training – Five Courses (50 lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – 7 Courses (70 lessons)
  • Live webinars
  • New lessons on the latest trending topics in online business created every day!
  • 24/7 access to the support from the community of hundreds of thousands of Wealthy Affiliates members around the world – one minute you have a problem the next one you ask a question and it is solved! Invaluable!




How to start a blog for free


I’ve read somewhere that making money online is not easy, but it is simple! So true.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. However, you can start making some money pretty soon, this depending on the time and the effort you put into it. 

Starting and running your online business with Wealthy Affiliates is simple. Follow these five steps and see your effort grow into a thriving enterprise and live your life on your own terms!

  1. Sign Up for the Starter Membership
  2. Follow the Training ==> Create Your First Website
  3. Follow the Training ==> Write Your Content 
  4. Follow the Training ==> Promote Your Content
  5. Watch Your Online Business Grow!

Sign up here and create a business you will be proud of and a build life for you and your family you’ve always dreamed of!


How to start a blog for free

Thanks for reading my post. Hope you found it informative and helpful. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!









14 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog for Free – Wealthy Affiliates Review

  1. I love this post so much! Affiliate Marketing is perfect for stay-at-home moms! I love that I can work the hours that I choose, be home with my kids, and never miss an important school assembly or event. Best of all, I work because I love my work, and I get to really live my life – not just live for the weekend, like most 9-to-5-ers.

    1. Dear Crissy
      Thanks so much for your comment and super glad you liked the post! It really is fab we can stay at home with our children and not worry about getting a day off when we need it. I feel that online business can do so much for women who need or would like to be financially independent (and don’t we all need that!). I am forever grateful for the fact I found Wealthy Affiliates and the way to get started with my blog.

  2. Great post to encourage more parents who are stuck at home with kids all day to use their spare time to do something productive. I have two kids under 3 and I started with wealthy affiliate back in March. I find it so empowering to be able to set up my own website on a topic I am interested in. It has always felt like something I could never achieve but I am now addicted. I definitely recommend giving it a go.

    1. Dear Vicki
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, it is addictive, isn’t it?!? Once you find a place where you have everything you need to achieve your goals, you want to be there all the time and learn learn lean and then implement and enjoy the successes. If you had told me in January this year I would have a website, published content, visitors to my site, etc. in May; I wouldn’t have believed it. But, here I am, making my way towards my bigger goals and feeling darn proud of it! Hope you enjoy the training at the Wealthy Affiliates and wishing you all the joy of creating your own business!

  3. This is very useful and informative! I, personally, do not enjoy staying in that 9-5 traditional way of working, where the boss can simply dangle a paycheck above me and demand me to do the ridiculous things and abandoning my own dignity (that is from where I previously worked). Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Dear Sarah
      Thanks for the comment! Ah, yes, I so know what you mean. 9-5 is soul-destroying I found, and I’d rather work ten times harder just not to have sit in an office the whole day. Especially now when I have children, no way… Aren’t we lucky to have found the Wealthy Affiliates and getting on with our own businesses? I am working sooo hard, but don’t regret a minute of it. I love my blog (it’s my third baby heheeh) and so enjoy working on it (even if it means I sleep very little…). Here’s to our online business victories! 🙂

  4. Great article.Thank you for your honest information. I have been searching for making money from home. many times I fall into the hands of scammers promising me to get rich overnight. But later on, I keep browsing the internet for searching a legit online marketing program and all of a sudden I come across the wealthy affiliate program. I could not wait to sign up because it is free and also I read everything I will benefit from that program before signing up. Just wow. Now it has been 2 months since a member of the wealthy affiliate, now I am a premium member utilizing all the training in terms of script and videos.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Abraham
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, isn’t the net full of ‘promised online get-rich-quick-land’? Wealthy Affiliates are different and yet everything is so simple. Just like any in reputable school. They have good training, great teachers, and resources. It is up to the pupil/aspiring affiliate marketer to follow the program, work hard, act smart and watch the good result come about. Good luck with your WA journey!

  5. Wow! First of all, congratulations on your success! I too was a stay at home mom who had to begrudgingly return to the job market. I had also tried for years to find a realistic way to make money online with less than realistic results. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way to go! Thank you for sharing your story and good luck to you!

    1. Dear Ashley
      Thank you for the comment and your good wishes. Ah, I feel for you having to go back to work after having your baby. I couldn’t face it and now, just working hard at establishing my online business that will ensure I can stay at home with my little ones. It isn’t easy, and it takes all of my free time (and half of my sleeping time too hehehehe), but I can see it is going to be worth it! I love the training at the Wealthy Affiliates! Followed it to the letter and so far so good. Hoping to do the bootcamp very soon too.
      Best wishes for your success, we multitasking mamas rock! 🙂

  6. Having an online business is more than a trend, It is what those entering the workplace are considering. Furthermore, anyone starting an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is the place that will let you build a strong foundation and offer support throughout the life of your business.

    1. Dear Maurice
      Thanks for the comment. Yes, having an online business most certainly is more than just a trend. Glad you agree the Wealthy Affiliates is the place where one can learn just about everything they need to learn in order to have a successful online business. It does, however, take some time to establish oneself. It is very satisfying building something from your own home and achieving the financial freedom at the end of it.

  7. I like the idea of starting out free and then joining as a member if I want to. I have actually been researching Wealthy Affiliate for a while now, and it seems that everyone has nothing but good things to say about them. I think I am ready to take the plunge. I can start for free anyway, so that is a bonus 🙂 How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate and how has it been for you so far?

    1. Hello
      Thanks for the comment and very glad you also have heard great things about the Wealthy Affiliates. Yes, the platform/university is just so amazing and has, in my opinion, the best training for affiliate marketing online. I have been with Wealthy Affiliates for three months now, but it really seems so much longer! I’ve achieved some goals I thought I’d need years to achieve just by following the training and interacting with the Wealthy Affiliate community. One post is simply not enough to describe everything WA has to offer. As I’ve mentioned in the article, the best thing is to join the Free Starter Membership, start to build your website, go through the first ten lessons and then decide if you’d like to stay on and move to the Premium membership. My bet for whoever goes through this process and is serious about growing their online business, they’ll never want to leave ehehhehe just like myself!

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