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BelleMa Euphoria Pro Double Electric Breast Pump – Simply the Best!



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 Electric Breast Pump Review – BelleMa Euphoria Pro Double Electric 

Simply the Best!


Price: $179.99  Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding your newborn (and older) babies is a special time when you are bonding with your baby and if everything goes smoothly. It is also the time of great happiness and contentment.

Sometimes, however, things don’t always go as smoothly as we’d like and, with twins, we can face certain challenges in terms of:

How to nurse both babies at the same time?

As it often happens in life, to me, this seemed like the easiest thing in the world – until it was my turn to do it!

I’ll brag about having managed to breastfeed my both babies at the same time – twice! I know… nothing to really brag about, but to me, it did feel like I’ve climbed the Mount Everest. In the worst weather conditions. All by myself. And got back safely to tell the tale!

I had some good advice, consulted my midwife, read books, bought support pillows, but no – my little girl wasn’t having it. She just squirmed about, showing her displeasure and borderline disgust. I was heartbroken.


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Thank you for your support! 🙂


Are they feeding enough?

I don’t think this worry ever goes away. But, I feel this is somehow amplified by the smallness of the  Electric Breast Pumpbabies, and their inability to say if they are taking enough milk or not. Sure enough, they can cry, but that is not the same thing.

You will be weighing your babies at home or at your doctors’ surgery and they will advise if your babies are doing as well as they should.

If one or both of your babies are not strong enough to latch on at first, you might wish to do whatever you can in order to start and continue to have a good milk flow:

Breast pump, in this case, will be your best friend!

As I was researching the market for breast pumps I might like to review and recommend here, I came across many passable devices and solutions.

Having tried several during my twins’ breastfeeding time, I came to the conclusion that I can recommend only the one I was sure it would do the job properly. And the one causing the least amount of stress and effort.

I would like to spare you the hell I went through with manual pumps and some electric ones that just were not that good. That made, what was already a complicated time, even more difficult (not to mention the money wasted!).


So, I’d like to say this first: if you see a word ‘manual’ and ‘breast pump’ in the same sentence – run as fast as your pregnant or postpartum body will let you!

If you come across an electric breast pump that is not hospital grade and has sucking instead of suckling function – turn around and never go back.

So, that’s the warning out of the way…


A Dream Machine!

What you are actually looking for, is BelleMa Euphoria Pro Double Electric Breast Pump, With ICD Technology (where both pumps’ vacuum levels can be adjusted separately), Patented/Hospital Grade, Closed System, Touch Screen, Cordless, Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries and Independent Dual Suction Control for Left and Right Pump – BEAUTY OF FUNCTIONALITY! Electric Breast Pump

This is a powerful enough electric breast pump, that makes sure your milk production continues and is greatly improved.

Also, gentle enough, it doesn’t irritate your nipples nor does it make the process of expressing the milk painful. You can easily switch it between massage and expression modes – just with a press of a button.

One of my favorite features is its innovative 3D system, that is able to imitate babies’ massage-squeeze-suck motion(!) and is very comfortable.

Sometimes, you’ll need to express your milk while one or both babies are asleep – you’ll be able to do that because this breast pump is super-quiet!

It has right and left and dual mode of working with independent controls for different levels of strength. Suction and speed can be adjusted separately.

Some More Cool Features!

Easily customizable, it remembers your favorite settings, so you don’t need to program it every time from the start. With the LED screen you can easily monitor the status and the desired settings.

Power is maintained even when both pumps are being used simultaneously without any suction power reduction.

It is easy to assemble and is designed in a simple way so it is really easy and quick to clean.

This Model is a Closed System Breast Pump designed with a barrier to prevent milk from entering the tube and the motor. This feature is very important on a breast pump because milk residue in tubes and motor can cause contamination. It has a backflow preventer, so it avoids the worry of milk contamination.

 Electric Breast PumpThere is no reduction in power when both pumps are in simultaneous use, which is great. You don’t need to worry about this and can save you lots of time.

If you are returning to work, but would still like to continue to provide breast milk for your twins, this breast pump is easily portable. It comes in a handy on-the-go Tote.

It’s a Bit Pricey…Isn’t It?

Actually, all things considered and put into perspective, I think, it really isn’t. I’d say if you have to save up to get it, please do. If you have to ask your family and friends to get it for you, please do…

There is plenty of stuff you can get cheaper and none would be the wiser.

But, this – you’ll know. And your babies too.

Also, if you are planning more children this would definitely be a sound investment!


Have I mentioned yet how much I like BelleMa Euphoria Pro Double Electric Breast Pump? 😉

Just in case, I wasn’t very clear – I like it very, very much!

Because, it does what it says it will do, and it does it well!

One can not ask for more than that!




Thank you for reading this post!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write about, please do leave a comment in the comment section and I’d be more than happy to oblige!

Happy parenting!














2 thoughts on “BelleMa Euphoria Pro Double Electric Breast Pump – Simply the Best!

  1. What a great article! Thank you so much for the information. I am currently pregnant with my first child. I will certainly keep this in mind when it comes time to search for a breast pump, as I intend to breast feed my baby!

    1. Dear Amanda, thanks so much for the lovely comment and very glad you found the info useful. How wonderful, you are going to have a baby! Very best of luck 🙂

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