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Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Review – No Need To Look Elsewhere!


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Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles
Those lucky mommies who have enough breast milk to feed their babies might not, at first, need bottles for their babies. Still, soon enough, all babies need them. If not for milk, then for water.

Very soon after we came home, my babies became quite troubled with colic. After a few days of babies screaming in pain, my babies and I needed help. And fast.

I breastfed one baby, and both babies had formula milk. At first, I was using the bottles recommended by my midwife. They looked really nice in their brand new packaging, but within a day and one night, these had to go! Dr. Brown Baby Bottles

Honestly, what are some baby bottle makers thinking?

This particular brand I first purchased, had a tiny little dot on the nipple, that had to be placed in certain position in order to achieve the best flow. Really?

In the middle of the night and two babies needing attention, this is exactly what I need – to be looking for a hardly visible dot on the bottle! Please!

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, my best friend also has twins. Her boys are two years older than my children, so I often turned to her for advice and suggestions. I asked her about which bottles she thinks are best to use (her babies had colic too), and she said, as I say to you now: “The best baby bottles to use are Dr. Brown’s!”


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Thank you for your support! 🙂


Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles – Look No Further!

These bottles are a dream. Seriously. Especially, if you have a baby that has colic, acid reflux, or any other feeding and after feeding issues. These bottles are going to help towards eliminating the problem. The difference can be seen within a few feedings.

Dr. Brown Baby Bottles

This type of bottle was designed by a doctor (hence the name) and is the only type that has the internal vent system.

It eliminates air bubbles, has vacuum free feeding which is similar to breastfeeding, and amazingly, because it minimizes oxidation of milk, preserves vitamins A, C, and E!

Dr. Brown bottles and all the other components are BPA-free, don’t contain PVC, lead or phthalates.


Ordinary Bottles, Anyone? No, Thank You!

Ordinary bottles that have no vent, often develop vacuum because the baby needs to suck harder every time in order to get the milk or water out. This, in turn, can make fluid enter baby’s middle ear (not good!).

Also, the air enters the bottle from the weakened nipple seal, aerating the milk and making your baby gassy and in pain with colic. A scenario one would really like to avoid!


Lots To Choose From

Dr. Brown’s bottles come in various shapes and sizes:

Dr. Brown’s ORIGINAL Baby Bottles


These bottles are excellent for your newborn babies. Great size and easy to fill and clean.

We first used Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set and it worked really well. It comes with 3 x 8oz bottles and 2 x 4oz bottles and Level One nipples, plus two extra nipples Level Two. Dr. Brown Baby Bottles

If you find the flow of Level One nipples is still too fast for your baby, you might consider using the Preemie nipples.

Here are some guidelines on nipple levels and corresponding ages of your babies. This can differ from baby to baby, of course.

If your baby seems bored or fussy while feeding, it might be a sign to go a level up. 

  •  1           0-3 months
  •           3-6 months
  •  3          6-9 months
  •  4         Older babies or more aggressive feeders
  • Y-cut  Faster flow for thicker liquids or older babies.

There are quite a few choices in design and color of Dr. Brown Baby Bottles. Very appealing and all equally functional.

One thing worth noting is that these bottles are compatible with the large number (but not all!) of major brand breast pumps.

Dr. Brown’s regular neck bottles are compatible with BelleMa Euphoria Pro Breast Pump I recommended in one of my earlier posts.


Dr. Brown’s OPTIONS Baby Bottles – To Be Used With or Without Vent


This bottle has a vent system that can accommodate for your children’s growth and their different feeding needs at different stages.

Also, some parents remove the vent when the baby is older. However, mine are two and a half and I still keep the vent system in.

My children have had so many feeding issues, I chose not to rock this particular boat. Still, you might find your babies respond differently to the change 🙂

 Dr. Brown’s Glass Baby Bottles

One thing, I’m unsure of, is the glass version of Dr. Brown’s bottles.

Some parents absolutely love them, and they do look really pretty.

However, I found them a bit on the heavier side and was constantly worried about breaking the exposed top glass part. The plastic sleeve looks great but it was a bit difficult to get off.

Anyhow, I only used them for a few days and went back to the plastic ones I knew and love so much.


Cleaning Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

One might have a quick look at these bottles, and worry about the cleaning of all the parts – the time and the effort it takes.

Well, I can see why, because I felt the same way! But, once you get familiar with the parts and the process, it really isn’t very complicated nor time-consuming.

Dr. Brown Baby Bottles, Drying Rack



I would suggest you might want to get Dr. Brown’s Options Dishwasher Basket for Standard Baby Bottle Parts, and Dr. Brown’s Universal Drying Rack – these are really useful!






We strive to buy what is best for our babies. Amongst the huge number of choices, presented before us every day, it can be a daunting task picking up the right bottle, or any other product for that matter.

When you are choosing the bottle for your little ones, especially for newborns, it is good to remember, their feeding is yet to be established. 

Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles

Their digestive system might not even be fully developed as yet. We want to give them the best chance of good feeding and minimize the occurrence of gas, spit-up, colic. These were my parameters when I decided to go for Dr. Brown’s brand, and hope you might do the same and have the same colic-free baby time. 

Well fed babies are happy babies, which in turn makes for happy parents and more time to have a joyful time with your little ones!

Thank you for reading this post!

If you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write about, please do leave a comment in the comment section and I’d be more than happy to oblige!

Happy parenting!




10 thoughts on “Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Review – No Need To Look Elsewhere!

  1. Very good Aleka, I can imagine how time consuming and busy your life is with raising twins but well worth it all. I know someone who recently had a baby and her child has had some ear infections and I wonder if it could possibly have been from baby bottles. I will tell her about Dr. Browns bottles and I will see if she’s heard of them. Thanks for your site and all the information.

    1. Hi Robert
      Thanks for reading the post and the nice comment. Yes, please, do suggest to your friend she might consider switching to Dr. Brown’s – their bottles are like nothing else on the market. Hope you are well, best, Alenka

    1. Hi William
      Hehehe brilliant comment! I would be so pleased if this article brings you a step closer to having another baby. I say, go for it!

  2. So my sister just had a kid, and I think she would love this. I’m going to send her over. Im really impressed with the review. The way that they have made the bottles for the baby to suck on easier is incredible. Nice job.

    1. Hi AJ!
      Really glad you liked the review and found something you might like to recommend to your sister. Hope she and her baby like the bottles, they are so great.

  3. My son had stomach issues with swallowing air and I couldn’t find a bottle that would work for him until I tried Dr. Browns. I was afraid when I switched to a sippy cup, but luckily I was able to find a transitional one. These bottles are amazing!

    1. Hi Kasey
      So glad you were able to get these bottles for your son. Aren’t they just so fab?! A total lifesaver for me and my little ones.
      Hope you and your son are having a great weekend!

  4. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles seems like a great option, and the fact that they have levels for the different ages is amazing. I hadn’t heard about these bottles before this post but it seems my niece is missing out. She’s 3 months and I want to help my sister with her baby, so I’m going to purchase the level 2 bottle. Thanks for the help

    1. Brandon, Hi!
      Thank you for the lovely comment, and YES, please, do get these bottles for your niece. They truly are amazing! Really hope she takes to them. Do let me know how she gets on 🙂

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