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30 Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts – Amazing, and Very Special Presents for Your Mom!


Here is the list of 30 lovely, personalized Mother’s Day gifts, that will definitely, make you the favorite! (Just confirming your position, I know 🙂 )

The majority of the selection are handmade items. I like handmade gifts because they are unique and feel special. Also, it’s a nice feeling supporting artisans to continue their amazing work. 

You might not have the time to go shopping or search online – no worries, I’ve got you covered! Hope this list will save you some time in finding the perfect present!



This post contains affiliate links. If you make any purchase once you click on the affiliate link on this page, I receive a small commission that helps me run this site. 

Thank you for your support! 🙂


Ten Gifts Under $25


Now, who doesn’t like a pretty, new, and personalized coffee cup?

This is a lovely present if you are on a budget or maybe as a Mother’s Day stocking filler (I know there isn’t such a thing – I just invented it!) 🙂



I’m loving this leather bracelet! So cool, and elegant at the same time.

Also, it is greatly reduced (don’t tell your mom that! Or, maybe, do tell her – she’ll appreciate you listened to her money management advice 🙂 ). I think it is lovely as it is, but a name can be engraved too. A great buy!



Scented Candles! Always a great gift! Also, this one can be personalized. You can add a name or a short sentence on the label, and a name/date on the lid.

And then, the best part, you can choose the scent of the candle. Isn’t that great? Just find out which is your mom’s favorite scent and there is your perfect present! Soy wax and 100% cotton wick ensure clean burning for around 55hrs. 



This mouse pad is so fab!

Mom’s job often seems unappreciated, but this mouse pad will remind your mom daily how highly you think of her!



Now, talk about great, small and useful! This ring holder is such a find!

You can personalize it with your mom’s initials and she will love it I am sure of it! I like it so much, I’ve just ordered one myself. For myself. Sorry, mom!



This, handmade notebook with a pretty floral hardcover, can be personalized with a name.

Also, you can choose the ivory or lined inner paper. The size is approximately 6″x 8.5″ (15 x 21.5cm) and has 250 pages. Sooo pretty!




Isn’t this necklace lovely?

It can be personalized with the Initial Letter Charm and comes with a Swarovski Charm too (charm size is approximately 5mm wide and 6mm high). Chain length can be specified too. It comes packaged in a beautiful box! 



Ah, sleeping masks! They are a must!
Even if you have bought your mom’s present already, get this as well, please. This lovely, handmade sleeping mask is customized with a pink thread. It has a soft satin lining and comes with a travel storage bag. 



A handmade, rustic picture frame to make your mom’s Mother’s Day and every other day really special!

It is available in a range of sizes including 6×4, 7×5 and 8×6. 



Sleek, useful, and easy to personalize, this bottle is a great present!

It has a leak-proof cap and is double wall insulated. Keeps your drinks at the right temperature at all times!



30 Personalized Mother's Day Gifts


Ten Lovely Presents $25-50



This gorgeous, padded (5mm foam) iPad sleeve, made of canvas fabric with a lovely flower pattern, will protect your mom’s iPad from any damage.

There is an exterior pocket to hold a cell phone, pen, charging cable etc. Borran Ipad sleeve can be personalized with the engraved name on the letter tag. Available in two sizes. 




Go on, spoil your mom, and have even her soaps engraved with her initials!

I love the idea of engraved soaps 🙂 Think, might be purchasing these, not only for Mother’s Day but for other gifting occasions as well!




This beautiful, fleece blanket is a lovely present for your mom!


Keeping her warm and cozy will remind her of you!



Chose your child’s favorite drawing and have it transferred to a plate for a keepsake!

What a brilliant idea and an amazing present!



This beautiful, handmade leather journal, can be personalized with lasered initials on the cover.

With 288 pages of artisan style paper, it can be used as a journal or a sketchbook. Really beautiful and a long lasting present!



I love biscuit tins! Any shape, size or color, they are just so practical and useful.

This one is really beautifully made too. Have it personalized for your mom with her name painted on the lid. Just lovely!



This lovely garden bag can have your mom’s initials or name embroidered on it.

Made of durable canvas, it has six extra pockets for easy carrying of garden tools. If your mom is a keen gardener, this is a perfect present for her!



Here is another handmade, wonderful, leather item. A phone case, and a different one from the most on offer.

If you’d like to give a present that is not mass produced, and is of superior quality, this might be it. Have it personalized and make this a Mother’s Day gift to cherish!



This gorgeous, elegant vegan leather tote can be personalized with embroidered initials.

I love its simple design and the summer shade of cream/white color! 



A family jigsaw puzzle of your mom’s very own family!

How lovely 🙂  If your mom is keen on puzzles, I can not imagine a more perfect present!



30 Personalized Mother's Day Gifts


Five Gorgeous Presents $50-$100



It’s so lovely to relax after a busy day in a beautifully scented room!

This aromatherapy diffuser can be personalized with a name or initials. It comes with delicate lavender and orange scented essential oils and ten slender reeds. 




I just love the idea of serving some nice cheese and fruit on a personalized wood board as elegant and well made as this one! 


This fabulous duffel bag comes in a variety of colors.

Can be used as an overnight or a weekend bag. A woman can never have too many bags, trust me! 🙂



Made out of certified sustainable American walnut wood, this incredibly beautiful

Floral Heart keepsake box makes an amazing gift.

You could even fill it with some of the smaller keepsakes from the past, or your children’s drawings or handmade gifts. Really a wonderful find!



A ring – love, and appreciation forever!

Pick your favorite color birthstones and make it extra special!


30 Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

A beauty bag, personalized with the embroidered name, water resistant and with a lifetime guarantee! Just amazing!


Personalized bottle, felt journal, pen, and a wooden box! A gorgeous ensemble of presents! 


This necklace is so lovely and sentimental for all the right reasons! 


Does your mom appreciate good wine? This could be just the thing for her wine cellar or above a wine rack.

A very original and cheerful present!




If I had to pick my favorite present of this list (apart from the leather ring holder and a sleeping mask), it would have to be this one.

What could be nicer than to have a painting commissioned and gift it as a Mother’s Day present! A very thoughtful and a present to cherish forever.


Very much hope you’ve managed to find a lovely gift for your mom! Please let me know if you have, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading this post, looking forward to reading your comments below!


26 thoughts on “30 Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts – Amazing, and Very Special Presents for Your Mom!

  1. I really enjoyed reading your article. There are some lovely ideas for gifts there. I like the way you have broken them down by price. It is very helpful and makes it much easier to look within your own price range. Thank you.

  2. Hi Alenka, What great gift ideas. As my daughters VA I will l make sure she gets to see this. Will also post it to friends as my birthday is coming up and there are super ideas, just in case they don’t know what to buy for me. All joking aside. I found your ideas super. Wishing you all the best, Jill

    1. Dear Jill
      Brilliant idea to send the list to your friends, with your favorites and get the presents you actually like! Thank you for reading through the post and of course a big thank you if you share it with your daughter and friends.

  3. Hey Alenka, your article’s presented me with a wealth of inspiration with regards to personalised Mother’s Day gifts.
    With help from the kids we’ve occasionally created the personalised mug, tee shirt and card etc which presents a wonderful unique gift however thanks to your article, my attention was drawn to the promotion relating to a custom plate made with your child’s drawing.
    You simply send a photocopy of the artwork whereby they trace your child’s design onto a plate prior to glazing & firing it.
    We have drawers full of drawings which will generate a bit of fun choosing their favourites. What a great idea for a personalised exclusive gift.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Dear Simon
      I am so pleased you found the inspiration for the Mother’s Day gift! Yes, isn’t that painting on the plate a wonderful idea? I know I would love to receive such a present.

    1. Dear Klementina!
      Thank you so much for your kind comment and your support! Hope your husband finds something he might want to give as a present!
      Have a lovely day!

  4. Hi Alenka,

    Thanks for this article!

    I have a lot of trouble shopping for my mom, both on Mothers’ Day and her birthday. I sometimes get her a gift card, but it’s so much nicer when I can actually come up with something that she’ll like that’s specifically for her.

    Really appreciate all the great ideas!

    1. Dear Phil
      I dislike shopping too, and mostly do shopping via lists like these. This is why I decided to write one myself! Hope you’ve found something you like on the list.

  5. These are all great ideas! I would really love to get that necklace with my initial and birth month charm for Mother’s Day. It looks so cute! But I would definitely get something off of this list for my mom. I’m going to send this to my friends, so they can have some ideas for that special day for us moms. Thank you for posting!

    1. Dear Miranda
      Thank you for your lovely comment and super-pleased you found something you like for your mom! I really appreciate if you share the post! Thank you! Best,

  6. A very timely post and some great ideas for personalized gifts.

    Like the way you broke it up by cot groups and gave good variety of choices. All the gifts Mothers would want for that special day.

    thanks for the post, great job.

    PS, I have bookmarked so I can share it.

    1. Dear Don
      Thank you so much for your kind comment, and even more thank you if you find the opportunity to share this post. Glad you approve of the selection of gifts on offer!

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